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Vietnam continued

Mekonging, Tunneling, Shooting, and Drinking.

Hi again!

So to continue, I thought after drinking out on the town for the first three nights I should go and do something. First I decided to check out the Cu Chi tunnels from the Vietnam war plus I found out you can shoot some automatic weapons :) large_Vietnam_Wa..els_066.jpg

So we were picked up by SlimJim who was a crack up. He was named SlimJim because he eats like a bird but drinks like a fish he told us. He had so many sayings of Australia where he had learnt alot of our slang from. It took a while to get there but when there SlimJim took us through the jungle paths showing us traps that the VC used, explaining that they were not that effective except for pyschological warfare. Vietnam_Wa..els_013.jpg The tunnels that were used are incredibly small, here is a picture Vietnam_Wa..els_040.jpg Here is an original trench used in the war Vietnam_Wa..els_043.jpg Can you see something suspicious here? Vietnam_Wa..els_023.jpg How about now? Vietnam_Wa..els_021.jpg
Why is it that as soon as you hold a gun you become a poseing douche? ...I mean RAMBO!Vietnam_Wa..els_070.jpg
Into the tunnel I head...Vietnam_Wa..els_077.jpg and ever deeper Vietnam_Wa..els_082.jpg So Marc my mate from the netherlands was the one with me, we convinced a girl that was worried about doing it to come in and it'd be ok...which made it all the more difficult to make the descision to ditch her on the first exit :p The tunnel was really short and well I'm tall and it's much the same for the rest of it I was sure, so me and Marc jump out giggling because we have decided to come back in at the last exit to make it look like we did it. We run out and then run back in, it's pitch black entering in but with the noise we are making we hear a "Is that you guys?" from down the tunnel (I'm impressed with her speed). We enter in giggling and I get stuck with my backpack for a moment causing a jam, with the poor girl at the end haha Vietnam_Wa..els_093.jpg Well in the end we exited with the applaude of our tour group, it seems that they all left and didn't finish. So in the end the only person who really did do the whole length was the girl who didn't want to do it in the first place! Haha

After this we were rewarded with some thing like potato, I tried my food photography Vietnam_Wa..els_108.jpgVietnam_Wa..els_106.jpg at the end we were taken to watch a video. It was pretty funny, made in the time of the war it was very much propoganda. Reffering to the U.S. as demons and such and how this guy or that girl won the award for killing americans etc.. here's us watching it Vietnam_Wa..els_110.jpg Here are some pics from the drive back Vietnam_Wa..els_134.jpgVietnam_Wa..els_124.jpgVietnam_Wa..els_129.jpgVietnam_Wa..els_160.jpgVietnam_Wa..els_163.jpg

The next trip was the Mekong Delta. I really felt that even though I had heard mixed reviews I needed to do this, I convinced Mallory with this ideal also. The bus trip was going to be three hours or so with an early start. I would love to say that I slept these hours but I seem never to be able to sleep other than in a bed...I get close but never asleep. It is VERY annoying.

We opted for the day trip which meant that we would not be able to see the big floating market, only the "other" one. I was a bit upset with this as I had really wanted to see the teaming market like in the pictures etc. Here is some pictures of the market which really is just a few boats that had food on them going up and down the river... I did see some bartering and exchanges so I guess technically they can call it a market...maybe. Mekong_Delta_001.jpgMekong_Delta_029.jpgMekong_Delta_030.jpgMekong_Delta_036.jpgMekong_Delta_037.jpgMekong_Delta_050.jpgMekong_Delta_060.jpgMekong Delta 100

Mekong Delta 100

I'm not sure if this is her wardrobe or they are for sale...Mekong_Delta_053.jpg The river is quite busy though, people are in and out all over the shore Mekong_Delta_088.jpgMekong_Delta_016.jpg
After a time we reach our first stop which is the coconut place, they make all kinds of things out of it but mostly a coconut candy. There is also gift shops at every stop trying to sell you crap. They also have a home distillery for some reason so we all get a shot (It's harsh). The next stop is the honey place, they have two big boa's and give us honey tea then try to get us to buy some. Here is the bee's they bring out.. Mekong_Delta_128.jpg.

Next they take us to be rowed on a small boat down to where we will have lunch, (Here they are waiting for us) Mekong_Delta_173.jpg they lady that ends up rowing us makes sighing sounds all they way there ever increasing the closer we get to our drop off point (We were told we can tip them before getting in and I assume they know this), I somehow get fooled and tip. Suprise, suprise there is a lady selling soft drink and beer...I spy a flute and ask how much expecting some stupid price but it's only a dollar. Much to the disapointment of those around me I now have a Mekong Delta bamboo flute! :) So we head off to have lunch then a boat trip back and another bus back to the hostel. Her are some other pics from the trip... check out the load of grain this boats taking Mekong_Delta_166.jpgMekong_Delta_164.jpgMekong_Delta_171.jpgMekong_Delta_139.jpg The petrol station Mekong_Delta_135.jpgMekong_Delta_124.jpgMekong_Delta_113.jpgMekong_Delta_163.jpgMekong_Delta_147.jpg I bought some top gun sunnies! Mekong_Delta_191.jpgMekong_Delta_132.jpgMekong_Delta_121.jpg It's like they all have cable?! Mekong_Delta_070.jpg

So Ive booked my ticket for Loas, staying in Hanoi. Tomorrow I'm gonna try and see Ho Chi Minh himself, it's supposed to be crazy like...wish me luck!


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