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Vang Vieng to Vientiane, Laos

Village of Sin and the captial of Laos

I've been a bit slack on keeping up to date on these and I'd like to blame the shoddy net in Cambodia but...actually, that'll do ha.

So back to Luang Prabang for a quick reunion with the Spaniards and then onto Vang Vieng, the village of sin! I'm gonna make it sweet and just give you some pics for LP ;p

I decided to go to the waterfall this timeā€¦ I was not disappointed. large_waterfall_LP_050.jpgwaterfall_LP_044.jpgwaterfall_LP_097.jpgwaterfall_LP_080.jpgwaterfall_LP_057.jpgwaterfall_LP_040.jpgwaterfall_LP_047.jpg They also had Bears there, dunno why but hey, they seemed comfy hanging in a hammock... large_waterfall_LP_029.jpgwaterfall_LP_032.jpg At the bottom of the waterfall there was this track and I could not help but have to climb it as it did become a bit of a climb...I mean...what if it was amazing up there! I could not let that pass and find out later... waterfall_LP_123.jpg This is all I got :(
I love the tuk-tuks in Laos, they are so colourful!luang_to_VV_001.jpg The way home... waterfall_LP_125.jpg

So the way out started off badly with an avalanche that set us back only really 40 minutes or so, which really was quite impressive...but I think they had been there a while before us. luang_to_VV_009.jpgluang_to_VV_007.jpg The army looked more intent on how they looked luang_to_VV_014.jpgluang_to_VV_025.jpg Finally we continue on and do a stop off for food and toilet...I enjoy the view...luang_to_VV_039.jpg

Next was Vang Vieng! Now I had heard a lot of stories before getting here and had already judged that I was not going to stay here long when I was not in the party mood. Also, the stories I heard from many a traveller involved Australians dying, to which I answer it is just Australians are easily led astray with our carefree attitude, mostly by the Dutch I should add by my experience (Bas!:p) lol. Here is what the place looks like VV_021.jpgVV_005.jpgVV_030.jpgVV_033.jpgVV_035.jpgVV_037.jpgVV_040.jpgVV_041.jpgVV_046.jpglarge_VV_047.jpgVV_062.jpg So now that you know the layout of the place let me tell you how it all works. So Vang Vieng is pretty lawless. A southeast Asia western town with a bought off sheriff, acting on behalf of the town's bar 'n' hotel owner. The place is full of restaurants with "happy" menus. What this involves is some psychedelic additive (Usually magic mushrooms) added pretty much to any food or beverage you want. As I mentioned previously, there are a lot of stories of Australians dying (other nationalities also I'm sure). This is due to NOT drinking with any moderation at all whilst floating in a big tyre tube down the Mekong River. Here is the place you get your allocated tube VV_027.jpg After this you are responsible for keeping this tube and returning with it or paying the loss of tubes cost which is like $5. That may not seem much but it is a lot here and really, the people that steal them (local kids) are in on it all, and I'm sure get a commission of sorts... many a time I had to yell threats to get my tube returned (Not that I'd be able to swim at that stage, hence why people die!). So the thing is when you get to the river you tube/float and then get pulled in by numerous bars throwing ropes to you on the riverside whose first order of business is to make you swig a bottle of Loa Loa whiskey...which is disgusting but free all over...because it's disgusting. So you can imagine that with this and also drinking buckets of spirits you become pretty inebriated, pretty quickly. At the bars, they have these zip lines out into the water which is another reason why people die. There are dangerous rocks all over under the water people crack their heads on. I remember seeing a sign saying something like "If you jump you will die...seriously...we love you." as warnings, but if you decide to use the zip line and jump they will do nothing to deter you. I guess the sign is clause enough for deniability of harm?!

So I had said that I would not do tubing after the first night. By the way, our bungalow was RIGHT next to the bar, you can see here in this pic VV_081.jpg That is us on the furthest right VV_010.jpg You can see how close we were :/

Anyhow, I ended up tubing the next day and from what I've told you, you can pretty much fill in the blanks of what happened....no really...fill in the blanks because I don't remember much having woken up on the river in the morning with no memory of how I got there and local kids prodding me with sticks while they giggled, then having to find my way back "home". The thing to remember is that I woke up with my kidneys within my body!

So after that, I was pretty much a zombie, which is great because that is what Vang Vieng caters to. You see they understand that after a hard night and waking up on bamboo on the riverside, you need to veg out but still keep the vitals going with the mundane things like eating and drinking. Here enters the restaurants of VV. Maybe it's best you just see them first VV_076.jpg but they don't come with bad views... VV has amazingly beautiful scenery VV_077.jpgVV_060.jpgVV_083.jpg Anyhow what the first picture there of the restaurant shows is TV screens and lie down tables. They have Friends and Family Guy running 24/7 on the TV screens there so that you can veg out and dribble on the floor in TV bliss. I might say now that the people serving you seem like they'd rather stab you cut you up and serve you to the next vegetable that comes in the door. They must hate all the mad tourists they get coming through.

Anyhow I decided to leave sooner rather than later onto to Vientiane the Capital of Laos! I'm not gonna lie, it wasn't thaaat interesting but here are some pics from roaming about... large_storm_011.jpgstorm_003.jpg These are everywhere, they are for the spirits so they have a place to stay. storm_022.jpg Someone important I'm sure. storm_029.jpg... So Vientiane had a lot of storms when I was there, seemed to be like clockwork. One night there was a particularly big electrical storm so I went out on the balcony to try and get a lightning capture. I was very surprised AND lucky to of gotten this pic! large_storm_090.jpg

So Vientiane was pretty uneventful on a blog scale, but I did some things, saw some stuff... it was really good...


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