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1 Sleep!

: /

Ok so it's 1 sleep till take off! It seems that I have gotten used to town living in Hervey Bay as coming to Brisbane even feels like a fast pace of life so im dreading what im going to feel like when I hit Tokyo.

I'm feeling really anxious at the moment and strangely lethargic... I dont know if they are related. I'm also having a lot of technical problems with the Xoom and what its capable of so im definitely going to have to get something in Japan (I hope it's cheaper than here).

Anyhow, I said i'd show you what im taking with me so I did a Video (will post a pic also). The sound is kinda low so you will need loud speakers or headphones and its ok to hear.

I actually managed to fit everything in pretty easily with some room to boot!

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One way ticket to Tokyo

Time is running out to bail :/

26 °C

Ok, so the time is creeping up to when I fly into Tokyo, Japan with a backpack, 3 days booked in a capsule and a scared optimistic outlook.

I all ready have the feeling of leaving something behind and I haven't left, this cannot be a good sign. I have recently been trying to work on an itinerary, thinking that with planning, then execution of said plan I will be less nervous. But this has led me to the belief that I cannot plan further than one city as I regress back to the child in the candy store with a dollar buying a huge assortment of 1c & 2c lollies, with so many choices and the ability to change my mind on a whim I will try and be like the true nomad and go where the travel gods inspire.

I've been to the doctors more in the last three weeks than my whole life with vaccinations, blood test (twice!My Damned stand in doctor), dentist (twice again!), skin cancer check, oh and also lots of x rays because a stand in doctor believed I had arthritis in the spine (not true by the way). My backpack was also the wrong size and had to change it, it would of been a painful trip had I not noticed and read up on it. I got more of a trekking backpack this time also, because I..like...umm trek a lot?? Well I'll soon know as I am planning on trekking the Himalayas! Something easy to start on. I've got a lot of gadgets and bits and pieces which I'll post up tomorrow if I get to it.
But I thought I'd show you one piece of essential traveling equipment. Reefs bottle opening thongs!

As far as where I am going, this is the plan. But as I said this is going to be a work in progress:

Japan->Sth Korea->China->Mongolia->(China again maybe) India->Nepal->Bhutan->Sri Lanka->Vietnam->Laos->Cambodia->Thailand->Australia

That's the plan but the way money has been leaving my account, maybe not even half of it will eventuate. It is perhaps because of this that I have stopped looking at real hotels and only look at cheap hostels, even past the single rooms and into the 8 dorm shares (This goes against my every fiber of my being but I might a well plunge head on in and get used to it).

So I definitely would like more time to plan, but would that ever end. Sometimes I guess you just have to do what feels right. A lot of people talk of travel opening them up, broadening thinking etc. I feel that I live this way all ready to an extent but I'm open to being sorely wrong and changed for life.


P.S. There is no spell check etc so you will just have to bear this as a grammar free zone :-)

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