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Kyoto to Osaka with a dash to Fukuoka City

Golden temples and night time jaunts

So I had to check out this Golden pavilion for myself and I must say it is quite the sight, I hope my photos do it justice...
IMG_7155-1.jpg270_IMG_7087.jpg270_IMG_7124.jpg270_IMG_7172.jpgIMG_7108-1.jpgIMG_7175.jpgIMG_7149.jpgIMG_7147.jpg 270_IMG_7220.jpgIMG_7232.jpg
My plan was to hit the pavilion and then walk down to ashiyama where I had been told was alot of monkeys roaming about you can feed n stuff so i head in the direction knowing its going to be a little bit of a walk but there are lots of temples along the way. So I'm walking down the street and Bam! This pops out of no where! IMG_7302.jpg I head up the stairs and meet these fellaz guarding the entry and I aint wearing a collar, but i get in. 270_IMG_7234.jpg270_IMG_7233.jpg So I check it out and its free! Here's some pics of the inner grounds.. 270_IMG_7298.jpgIMG_7272.jpg270_IMG_7257.jpgIMG_7280.jpg270_IMG_7293.jpgIMG_7291.jpg So after that I continue down the street confident that this street will take me most of the way to where I want to go, gradually I start to realise that I'm lost but lets not have that stop a photo opp. Here is a waterfall in just behind some houses on a street with a shrine, why not ..270_IMG_7308.jpg Here's a picture of suburbia in Japan IMG_7311.jpg

I finally give up and wave down a taxi, I'm glad I did because I was waaaay off. I point to the monkey picture on the sightseeing map and name ashiyama, he seems to understand and drops me off pointing down the road. Excited to see the monkeys I head off down the side of the river hoping to make it in time as the day has moved on to about 4pm. I was told it was a bit of a hike so I persist on along the riverside finally coming across a sign saying temple with view and I ask a guy about monkeys and I point ahead and he nods urging me on. I was told there was a shrine of sorts as well so i climb the shoddy stairwell deep into the forested mountain IMG_7368.jpg I finally come to a crest and see a one armed monkey and an old Japanese man having a tug of war with some food. He notices me and walks to the shoebox which says 300 yen on it, sure I was also told there was a shrine fee...though this did look a bit shabby compared to what I'm used too IMG_7381.jpg he ushers me to the shack entrance and that I can enter and gives me a handout on meditation and buddism but I came for monkeys and am not interested handing his leaflet back I exclaim "Monkeys?" He seems a little perplexed then points to the one armed monkey now enjoying the forgotten food and says "Monkey" IMG_7371.jpg I was told there was up to 100 of these critters! I've walked ages just to see a shack in the woods and a one armed monkey! If that's the case then I'm going to definately get my moneys worth and meditate (somehow I think this frame of mind defeats the purpose)! I sat, got bored then took a picture of the view that was mentioned..IMG_7377.jpg. On the way out there is a big bell, usually I don't do the bells but after seeing that it was free and you get 3 gongs (technically 100yen per gong if you ask me but hey) added with the quiet serenity of the place to shatter I indulged. IMG_7385.jpg

Down I head thinking surely I had missed a turn off, the river was quite nice with the lighting which I would not of got had I not came so at least that was nice.. large_IMG_7420.jpgIMG_7344-1.jpgIMG_7324.jpgIMG_7433-1.jpgIMG_7428-1.jpgIMG_7362.jpgThen I hear a rustling above me and to my delight I see a monkey that has two arms!270_IMG_7395.jpg IMG_7359.jpgI finally get back to where the taxi dropped me off and on the right is the entrance to the monkey area I wanted :( its closed now..FML.

Here is a shot of the famed Ashiyama bridgeIMG_7434.jpg So its dark and luckily Kyoto is pretty good to get around in and I have the bus route as Ashiyama is right outside on the edge of the city. As I am leaving the next day for Osaka I want to see the Inari Temple and the thousands gates going up the hill, by the time I get back to the hostel it is close to midnight but when i asked the closing time of the temple he said it was open always so i decide to go and check it out at night rather than the day. I nearly get lost again dropped off from the bus on a dark quite out of the way spot, I head where I think it is and am amazed that as i go down a level from the overpass area I was just at there are lots of people and stores below. I catch a train as that seems to be the reason why there are people here and get off at the temples stop.
When i get there there is an eerie silence to the place and is empty, I soon hear footsteps and a torchlight of a solitary policeman walking a beat. I try not to be suspicious and whip out the camera tourist like and take some pictures.IMG_7451.jpgIMG_7454.jpg270_IMG_7456.jpgIMG_7459.jpg Progressively heading everinward I find the start of the gatesIMG_7460.jpgI'm quite excited as there is no one around and there is that eerie feel of a place empty at night when its bustling during the day like schools at night. I head in...IMG_7468.jpgIMG_7470.jpgIMG_7473.jpg270_IMG_7486.jpg The walk is long and I'm about 40 minutes into it and its only mountain and trees outside my gate tunnel :/ IMG_7485.jpg270_IMG_7504.jpg270_IMG_7506.jpg I get about half way and come across a area of shrines 270_IMG_7547.jpg270_IMG_7514.jpgIMG_7515.jpg270_IMG_7523.jpg270_IMG_7574.jpg Its bitterly cold, here's my dragon breath 270_IMG_7592.jpg So I'm about an hour in andall of a sudden a light flashes on me and I freeze like a stuffed bear, its the sensor of a house and I hear a TV and voices.270_IMG_7541.jpg So if there was ever a time to go Ninja, on the steps of the Inari stairs in Japan is it... so I creep along and dodge the house the people no more that 8 feet from me. I spy a camera sitting above most likely recording all my stupid moves haha.. So now that is passed I feel like I'm getting into an area not allowed or usually paid for during the day, soon a view opens up for me, this will show how far up I am..large_IMG_7556.jpg But this is not the end and I am determined, so i keep slogging along 270_IMG_7565.jpg270_IMG_7568.jpg270_IMG_7544.jpg270_IMG_7535.jpgIMG_7595.jpg Then a glint, a glimmer of light and behold the shrine at the end of the gates!large_270_IMG_7557.jpgNow I'm not into doing worship when i do not believe in it but in this case I made the exception as i heard that the Inari shrine and gates are related to business and prosperity, wealth etc so did a little donation and a prayer. IMG_7604.jpg270_IMG_7610.jpg

Realizing time had flown and I needed to make the last train I left with haste, finally able to take a photo on the train without disaproving eyes..IMG_7632.jpg The trains have heated seats and it can get quite toasty and comfortable, more than once I have had to drag myself off my warm seat to go into the cold with a grumble.

It's off to Osaka for me. I'm not exactly sure what's going on here and that's no rucksack on her back hahalarge_IMG_7637.jpg

I was hoping to see some yakuza but nope :( then again I'm not hanging out at the well to do places and would I really want to bump into them..could I resist taking a photo? Hmmm anyhowz the hostel I stayed at in Osaka was great, a very chilled art funky place with a cafe down stairs and friendly staff. Met a Brit guy Phil and japanese woman Hikaru based in London who are doing a documentary on Love Hotels in Osaka, very cool and interesting people, made my stay there better. Here's some pics IMG_7954.jpg Love Hotels you say??!? IMG_7991.jpg It also came with a rooftop resort getaway1IMG_7949.jpgand heaters that looked cooler than they felt warm270_IMG_7984.jpg

I had lazed around for a day or so, planning my next destination I came across a great discovery. I had another 10 days left on my rail pass, excited I booked to go see the snow monkeys and visit the onsens to the north. I relaxed another day resting my ribs mostly which were playing up a bit, finally I decided to go and see SOMETHING. I chose the Osaka floating garden, it looked hi tech and cool looking to photograph but on my way I thought to book the tickets on the shinkansen to Nagano but found out that my pass runs out that very night! I decided that just leaving as soon as i can and trying to book a hotel was the best bet as i needed to be further south for the jump to South Korea (I have since decided it's silly not to go on my way to China). So two hours to get back to the hostel pack and leave to the station reserve seats on the last train and head out. I arrived in Fukuoka City at midnight last night and got a hotel...such a strange experience being in a hotel with your own shower and bed n all..luxury haha270_IMG_8023.jpgSo today I booked into another hostel close buy and am watching Alien Vs Predator as i type this out, there is a cool little TV room and kitchen looks fair. I will head out to supermarket to stock up on food for the next couple of days. My plan at the moment is to take the "Beetle" which is a hydrofoil jet ferry from Hakata to Busan..should take 2.5 hrs.The ferry actually sits above the water when its going so you avoid all the problems with fast water travel img_main_01-1.jpg Wish me luck :p

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Hiroshima was a bit of a last minute thing but I could not go without seeing for myself such a horrific historical place and more importantly feeling it...
BeforeIMG_7688.jpgAfterIMG_7689.jpg The building was just below the blast point of the bomb and is why it had withstood the blast, it is now preserved.
They even have a tram stop for it, kinda sucks to be reminded all the timeIMG_7643.jpg
I had a guilty feeling when arriving that settled over me right away looking like a foreigner who's country did this to their city. I know that this is not true as they are a great people but it was how I felt none the less. I was glad that I could say Australia when asked where I was from, I would expect that coming here from the united states would be difficult. I mean it is still in peoples lives, a guy here at the hostel, his mother was a victim...
I expected to be really moved and I was but not to the extent I thought, I guess I just could not even imagine what is was like. It was like my brain just couldn't process imagining destruction on that level around me. Here are some more pictures of the A-Dome, the scaffolding is a once every three years thing to make sure the structure is sound (I swear everything is being fixed when i come to see it, I hide alot of it).
I proceeded to the flame of peace which is to remain lit until the eradication of all nuclear weapons in the world. It seemed that there was something special happening so I went all papparazzi and took photos with the pros ha! It seems that it was the mayor of Hiroshima well that part of Japan and other politicians that were for peace, they had come to pay there respects to the cenotaph for all the victims of the bomb. They all carried a white flower to lay at the cenotaph...anyhow here are my pap pics! IMG_7777.jpgIMG_7784-1.jpg270_IMG_7796.jpg270_IMG_7794.jpgIMG_7764.jpgIMG_7760.jpgIMG_7799.jpg270_IMG_7758.jpgIMG_7759.jpg After paying my respects also (was sad :( ) I proceeded to the children's monument, it is said that a little girl who got sick from the radiation believed that if she made one thousand paper cranes she would live but she never made it. Children all over the country send paper cranes in all different fashions but here are some paper crane peace posters...IMG_7739.jpgIMG_7736-1.jpgIMG_7745-1.jpg270_IMG_7748.jpg270_IMG_7749.jpg
I could not come without ringing the peace bell and was surprised too see Australia on it as i approached, it has the world imprinted. 270_IMG_7813.jpgIMG_7823.jpg Then I noticed the sky... fitting really..large_IMG_7809-1.jpg
So in the end I'm glad I went, the Japanese have really transformed such a tragedy into place of advocating peace in the world. I tip my hat.

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Laneways and crossing powerlines

After only being here two hours I left the hostel I was staying at to do some night walking and maybe get some food. The thing I love about Japan is its alleyways, when you go past a side street on a main street that catches your eye you can just turn and proceed on... your bound to have this happen on every street you take as there is something of interest just around the next corner. As much as I love getting lost in the alleyways I can't help but think if it would be better knowing kanji or would it lose its magic? The way the light falls on that sign beside that traditional looking building turns into a lavatory with broken lighting...

But really the alleyways are great, here is a picture of an all you can drink place, where you pay a set amount for an allotted amount of time of free drinks. Food is available too mostly in a deepfried fashion on a skewer with a communal soy sauce type of dip. Here is a picture of a place I think is this kind of place
IMG_6767.jpg I may need to break this habit of wondering the streets and alleys aimlessly as really its because Japan is so amazingly safe that it works. Will I be able to walk the alleys of Shanghai in the same manner??

Kyoto feels kind of the same as northern Tokyo. There is a high volume of traditional styled streets to where I have just had to stop taking photos as all the streets look really cool! So i set out to find lanterns, I'm in Japan right, how hard could this be?!?! Well the answer is VERY! I've no idea where everyone gets them! CONSPIRACY!

Went for a walk today and thought I better go see another shrine, on the way getting there is come across a....... yup you guess'd it, shrine (well a pagoda but close enough). Remember when i mentioned your walking down a street and you look down an alley and you see something of interest? Well this is what I saw... 270_IMG_6994.jpg So of course I'm now obligated to check this out! Then the next alley and next and so on.

Along my travels I got lost and what I thought was the temple I was looking for was a cemetery but unlike any I've been to before. It was right up the side of the mountain beside Kyoto with the best view I have seen of the city. The cemetery was huge and multi leveled, here are some pictures...

Tomorrow I'm going to try and make it to Hiroshima for a day visit. I'm not sure what to expect of such a place and was actually going to avoid it but I think I'll go and see how it goes.

Here are some pics from Kyoto so far...

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80s action advice!

Doing it like they did in the 80s, the big comeback! Que music!

I had a dream...

And in that dream there were some men, men's men. HEY! OK Ok so its not what your thinking!

These men don't give up when it gets tuff, they don't cry like a baby and go home...

Did Frank Dux give up when he got blinded in the kumite??!?


Did Dutch run and hide when his team was wiped out and he was fighting an alien?!??!


Did private Joe.T. Armstrong give up when he came across laser toting ninjas!?!??


So its time for 80s action man strength and resolve!! Time to punch up some carcasses!!

I've cancelled my flight back home and leave for Kyoto tomorrow!
Thanks Maverick :)

Anyhow, lets see how it goes... so see you in Kyoto!

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The battle is lost, but not the war.

Homeward bound

Hi guys,

Its been a gruelling time and after the orthepedic advising rest for 3 weeks I don't think it worth going on in this fashion. Even if I decided to go on it would not be the same kind of travel experience, so I have decided to come back to Australia. This will not be the end of my travels as I am sure I will have many more in the years to come but I have taken my first step which could be said to be the hardest.

Thanks to all the people who read and enjoyed the blog, I feel I have let you down but this is the best course of action at this point for me :/


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Niseko 1 - Steve 0

Bruised up and kicked in the guts...


OK so I left off from Sapporo but I did it before my last night which turned out fun. Met some travellers at the Guesthouse, Canadian girl and Japanese fella. So we ended up going for some food, now the Japanese guy spoke only very little English which resulted in a lot of pointing, diagraming and acting...well that's charades huh..so yeah pretty much charades. So this guy is REAL excited and is looking up all these places. We end up at a 90 minute bar/restaurant place, so the deal is you pay for your food but you can drink all you want in the 90 minutes for only 980 yen (currently 12.45 AUD!). So safe to say I got quite drunk (not just free beer, anything). I forgot that I was on anti- biotics for my lip and well when you have an all you can drink there is a sense of urgency to the matter. The food was cool, we got a lot of skewered meats etc and sauces. In the end from what I figured out the guy was from Nagasaki and was in the navy as a pilot for submarine detector airplanes. Oh! I was amazed that the universal rule of 3 seconds IS actually universal (well worldy) , he dropped food and picked it up quoting the rule, he was chuffed it was also the same in Australia (He had never met any foreigners before us).

So I head off to Niseko at 5am having 3 hours sleep in the snowing cold with all my bags...feel what I'm trying to convey here??! Luckily the subway is close, the trip goes smoothly and the new guesthouse I will be staying at will pick me up at the station. The guy that greets me is young with an awkward demeanor wearing a leg brace (I should of noticed this as a sign). Arriving at the house Bongo I am delighted at how picture perfect it all is, the house was built by the father of the family who run the place. Walking in I get more excited by the amazing landscape and mountain views from the window, with warmth and a hint of wood fire in the air I already feel relaxed.


Oh, on the way we stopped at 7-eleven to get myself provisions. I get like bread and jam and some snacks. So I head in and miss the chance to go snowboarding as they are just leaving, but I'm cool to chill as is so cosy feeling. I organize a snowboard and boots the next day and the Guesthouse guy lets me borrow his old pants,goggles and jacket. The other two guys staying are a Spaniard and a Canadian. The Canadian is going to same place and says he will give me a couple lessons etc. We get a lift to the Anappuri ski area by the mother which is great because I have no bearings on where to go. So we arrive, the Canadian sits me down gets me to clip on my board bum on ground (By the way never boarded ever in my life and ski'd once in shitty lake mountain cross country years ago) he proceeds to get me to try and stand and slide down whilst balancing in the like pose of a star jump only standing. Sounds easy huh?! Well I can't even get up halfway before I fall on my arse or jet off to the left (I know the reason why now). I am literally at the area where people just put on their gear and feeling kinda stupid already! The Canadian keeps saying just like your on your skateboard (I mentioned I skateboarded in the past to boast my considerable aptitude for balance sports). The Canadian wants to get on with things it seems and suggests that I would do better to learn up the slope where its less distance to fall (ie a bigger slope angle) and not as much ice. I feebly disagree and we take a gondala up the slope 403212_101..60666_n.jpg

OK so its been approximately 10 minutes if that. Now we are at the top and this is what greets me. 408537_101..30118_n.jpg
OK, so I hav'nt even been able to get up above my knees AND THIS IS WHAT GREETS ME!! (GET IT?!) I'm feeling a little un prepared for this, but the ONLY way down is off that what looks to be ...a cliff?!?

So I strap up at the edge and with encouraging words from the Canadian I go for gollllddddd annnd fall, and fall, and fall, and fall, basically... I am doing snow situps whilst sliding forward. The Canadian has already boarded to where the first platform for the open gondalas is far to the left and calling for me to come to him, so I ferociously do more snow sit ups not moving left nor right but just down. Finally he yells "are you going down?" To which I only have one real answer "Yeah!" like it was the plan I had all along deciding not to come over and meet him. So I'm getting hella tired and but I am making progress, I figure out that the foot you put your weight on is the way it will turn (hence why at start I would go left, back foot carries the weight and he was telling me like a skateboard!). So now I'm standing and can slide down star style, then I advance to what I call "leaf drifting in wind style" where star positioned you move side to side.
OK I'm about half way down (oh I tried one of the open lifts up but you have to keep on the board, think usual suspects walk when Kevin Spacey leaves the cop station, that is excactly it ..on snow...with a board on one foot, so you have to slide off right away and of course I fell and made a hell of a racket and decided that even snow situps is cooler than being tangled in the lifts), so I get cocky and start angling more and more forward then spin and slow down, works out pretty well. By the end I'm pretty chuffed with myself and glad I'm at the bottom. I wait for the Canadian as I assume he will meet me at the base and had probably gone up and down a few times already as my escapade took only a mere 2 HOURS!! Haha. At least the view when you fall is nice 385088_101..57907_n.jpg
So I wait for him for like an an hour wanting to show him my skills from just one trip down. Finally getting bored and thinking I'm just wasting time I decide I will just go up again, that was the last I saw of the Canadian. The second time down was great I stayed up most of the way and even went speeding around a difficult corner from the first time whilst facing the slope like a pro (so to put in perspective I took a half hour to get to the bottom). Because the second go was so good and the day was getting on, I decided to do a third go. Everything was fine but not as sweet as that second time but good enough until the very bottom where I had a wide expanse to me left and thought I would try going the hard side then stopping, well with the board moving ever faster and my difficulty in slowing down on that side. It ended in feet to sky, wrist to ground and with elbow to ribs...and it HURT!
I knew I'd hurt myself but not how bad untill later, as my primary and growing concern was, where was I and how do I get back to my warm cosy cottage!?!? I was still holding on to the hope that the Canadian was looking for me so I made myself visible at key points. You know, its ironic...the one time I want to be recognizable and my red jacket mixes in with all the other bright colours (makes sense if you read last entry)! It is dark now and everyone is leaving there is no foreign help desk place at all, I have no idea of the cottage address, have no phone or anything. I start contemplating walking (it would of been wrong choice) but I manage after a while mind you to find a bus timetable, but fortune does'nt come easy... it's in another language. I finally find a map with bus routes and some how piece together where I need to be and point to the place on my map to see if it stops there to the bus driver, he tells me no and my hearts drops. Looking at the map again I'm pretty sure that he does go past and it is dark and snowing so i try pointing again, he emphasizes no (the no movement seems to be the deal or no deal sign) and points like a half inch up the street. Bloody hell, I just want to get closer not be dropped off at the doorstep!!

Finally I arrive back at the driveway to the cottage. I envision everyone frantic with worry because I have not come back and most likely the Canadian has already (having to explain why he ditched me all alone :)). This did not seem to be the case at all, to my disappointment as Yohei (the son and staff member if you will running the place) has friends over and is having a party for new years eve with some traditional Japanese moochi making, which is heated rice then put into a tree trunk with a bowl carved in the top and beaten with a big wooden hammer to a pulp. By the way I did'nt mention that the first night I helped bring up the trunk from a snowed over barn with a friend of Yohei's named Passion, he was more of a game show host than a person...it was one of the hardest things I have done in a while, it was some serious Rocky 4 training in the snowy woods stuff! I felt obliged as the son was injured from a ski accident (the sign earlier!). IMG_6604.jpg Well I drank and ate moochi, spoke with locals, got more drunk with the father communicating through music, he loves jazz and Bossa Nova.
I had a go of doing the hammer and the funny thing is that when I do something hard, you know like a karate chop I can say "hai"sometimes. So essentially I was yelling "Yes!Yes!" with each whack of the hammer, that's bad enough I know. But then they are all saying something to me so I recognised they were helping me out and giving me the right word to yell when i smack the rice, so I start yelling it with gusto which makes them all crack up and I laugh. Yohei comes over and I quickly as him what it means and he tells me "Sound with no meaning"! ha :p

I woke up at still dark early with REALLY SORE RIBS, complaining and grumbling I mope around and decide not to snowboard today. Drinks again and more moochi that night. I get hardly any sleep, I mention to staff on many occasions that I feel badly hurt and maybe have cracked/broken ribs. I'm met with blank stares and ahh OK's. I ask for English speaking doctors they say maybe in kutchan the next town but nothing else is done. I'm in the middle if nowhere and obviously not going to get any sympathy/help here. I still have one night and am not enjoying it at the place as the son is like having a guard in a two bedroom cell, he is obviously bored and will just sit in the room where I'd like to sit also but I would have to have awkward conversation. The place is new and he obviously is not sure if he's doing the right thing, there is no TV, no food, nothing really to do but lie on my bed in pain. So after some deliberation I realise it is quite early as I have not slept much and will just leave a day early. I say my goodbye and have to write a good thing about the guesthouse on paper and take a picture with the message held up (oh I forgot to mention that by the second day I had got a virus and was now erratically coughing which you could understand is not the ideal time when you have potentially cracked ribs). So I'm holding up this bogus writing of how great it is here because I just want to get the hell out. Finally I get a lift to the station say my goodbyes, but not without photo ops. I'm seriously sick in the snow on an outside platform with cracked ribs lugging around a full 75 litre backpack and two other bags, but things could be worse..I could be still at the guesthouse.
Finally after A LOT of pain I get to Sapporo and lugg the bags through the length of one large shopping mall to the taxis, I find where I have the address to the hostel but its in English and he does'nt know where to go. I look back toward the large shopping mall/major station and could feel the wall crumbling. Dutifully I trudge back. Now I have not been wearing the backpack, I can only lift it a little and kind of kick it forward till it hurts to much then rinse and repeat (oh, add in fits of coughing). I decide I cannot do it any longer so I see lockers and go to put in my bag, the cost is 700 yen, it only accepts 100yen coins...I have 6.
So again I trudge pretty much dragging it and coughing, I spy a little bit smaller locker and its 600 yen, I put it in and now without the backpack I can make better progress as I'm worried that the information desk will close and I'm not sure exactly where it is, quickly I store it and walk around the corner....there is the information centre...figures. So i proceed to the desk. Now I may of failed to explain the mask on faces thing in Japan. Yes it is for smog for some, but for a lot it can be for if they are sick and do not want to spread germ to potentially millions of people. So they are very germ aware and I have been getting dirty looks the whole way on trains etc and this lady is getting me at my worst just come from the cold and crouched over grimacing with weary no sleep eyes.
My first words are just a garble of mucas, I'm pretty sure she instinctivly took a step back. Anyhow by some awesome chance she had a brochure in Kanji for my hostel! So i get to the hostel finally, its about 8pm. I'm running on fumes and check in quickly, I explain my situation and why I am late and why I booked a day early. OMG I get sympathy and concern (The owners at this hostel have been great, I can't explain and is a great hostel too - INO'S Place in Sapporo), I mention doctors and she she has nearly already got me in emergency but I'm to tired and I need food then bed (feeling tired yet? I'm not finished). So i have to go up make the bed, unpack get dressed for snow again go out find food, decided pizza will be the easiest. Wait forever to get my pizza (ramen in no time, pizza like 40mins). I drop by the quickmart and get some cough lollies (I cough and point to my throat with the mentos flip movement). Eat then go to bed. People are in and out talking leaving the light on and generally being assholes, I try my cough lollies to find out it's gum. After an hour I mope down and ask if there are any single rooms, there is! So I change everything over, get into bed and finally sleep.

I'm now writing on the second day and trying to rest my ribs and get rid of the virus, I've shopped and got food and some what I think is pain killers and virus medicine and holed in for combat. So who knows where it goes from here, see if it repairs or not and I need to head back...

Oh, and lastly I am finally updating the "Culture Shock" entry with pictures, check em out.


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